Sunday, November 4, 2007

Worker Center Delegations -- NOV 5, 8

Two workers have cases of wage theft with us that merit a visit to applicable patron rata. Please let me know if you could join us to show some solidarity with these workers who need their due wages!

Monday 11/5-

Abel Hernandez worked for Las Rosas Mexican Grill. He is owed $3,553 in overtime and back pay! The company has refused to pay him what he's owed. We need to put some more pressure on Las Rosas!

Meet at the Worker Center @ 10am. We'll meet up with Abel and travel to the restaurant to arrive during lunch hours

Thursday 11/8-

Martin Gonzalez worked for Azteck Communications - a vendor of Cricket phones. There's all kinds of abuse going on there. Not only are workers denied their full wages, but also clients are being over-charged for simple things like changing the language option on their phone. Ain't right.

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Laura Boston
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