Friday, November 16, 2007

HOUSTON: March and Rally Against Iraq War -- NOV 17

Forwarded Message:

Meet up at Dunlavy park Dunlavy & Hwy. 59, 1pm. Rally under the red and black flags to march as an organized anarchist section - we are not only against this war, but against all nationalist wars in which the bosses of the world throw away the lives of working class people to line their pockets. As long as governments exist, peace cannot!

(And if you're not an anarchist, I encourage you to participate in the rest of the march...)

the march organizers' call:

"A march and rally against the war in Iraq will be held in Houston on Saturday, November 17. Participants will meet at Ervan Chew Park, 4507 Dunlavy, at 1 pm. At 1:30 pm, we will march to Bell Park, 4800 Montrose. We will have a parade permit, so we will be marching in the streets and should have quite a presence. The rally in Bell Park will include speakers, musicians, and spoken word artists.

On Saturday, November 17, we will raise our voices together to demand: Stop the war on Iraq! Bring all the troops home now! Hands off Iran! U.S. out of the Middle East! End the occupation of Afghanistan and Palestine! Stop the war on immigrants, people of color, and workers! Defend the civil liberties and civil rights of all!

This event is being organized by the International Socialist Organization, the Irish Unity Committee, the Latin American Organization for Immigrant Rights, Mexicanos en Accion, and the Progressive Workers Organizing Committee."

Contributed by:
World Peace Alliance

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