Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Call to Activists and Community - ANNOUNCEMENT OF NEW INTERFACE

Familia and fellow activists, please take a second to read below…

Attention Activists and Community Members –

La Nueva Raza has launched a new interactive interface that NEEDS YOUR INPUT. This is a bit of a social experiment that aims to give a dedicate online presence and space to folks involved in social justice struggles mobilized around issues that affect the greater Latino community (immigration, detention, border wall, education, etc.) We’re striving to become a more well-rounded indie media source.

The new website format for features:


(discussion board) where you can discuss your thoughts on relevant issues, a space where you can discuss your issues without having to worry about hate speech or racist, xenophobic, anti-immigrant/Latino replies and postings. The goal is to claim this FORUM as OUR space to share our thoughts, connect, and network with each other.


publish and send us your news with a click of a button


an interactive calendar that allows you to submit your events and see upcoming events in your preferred format (week/month/etc.)


quickly view items and efforts that need your assistance


allowing you to instantly post your thoughts and reflections on articles and events


send links of your orgs, or other helpful sites that will help promote community efforts

…improved email listserv, and many, many more options.

This resource has been set up for YOU and your organizations - please go to and register with the site to start posting.

We’re still tweaking the site and welcome your comments and suggestions…let us know how we are doing and if we can try to better meet your needs!

We’ve gotten a steady stream of hits already…close to 6,000 in the past three days since we set this up, so I am positive that we can really make our presence known in the virtual world!

GO FOR IT!!!! See you online!!!


In Solidarity,


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