Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dialogue with Hispanic Community of Clarksville

Do not pass up the opportunity to join us in soilidarity for the Hispanic Community of Clarksville and its surrounding area.

Let us to start a discussion on a topic that we all think needs to be addressed.
I posted a bulletin yesterday and listed it as an "assignment " if you don't like that word then simply disregard it , and consider it as a basic opportunity to begin a dialogue any issue that will affect us.

You may send your topic as a message and then later I can post it on a blog and we can later comment on it.

The GREAT thing about "my space" is that it allows us to interact without leaving our homes and attending meetings etc. etc. It encourages communication and it's a place where we can all voice our opinion on something and decide on a common goal for our people. That's the beauty of it.....don't pass up the opportunity.

Thanks to:
La Comadre