Friday, November 16, 2007

TAKE ACTION: Send Letter To Pelosi Endorsing Cheney Impeachment postmarked by FRI NOV 16

Dear friends and relations,

Ms. Pelosi says she will put impeachment of Dick Cheney back "on the table" if she receives 10,000 letters in the mail in the next week. Talk about doable! I hope you all agree that we can't get anything else done until this evil eminence and his lap puppet are history.

Needs to be postmarked by tomorrow, Friday, Nov 16 (but do it now!), and requires nothing more than the words Impeach Dick Cheney in your handwriting, with your address and stamp. It's the old "big chief tablet" thing; they used to say politicians only paid attention to the really primitive letters they got. This is probably even more true in these days of astroturf spam.

Cindy Sheehan has asked people to send them to her first so she can deliver them, but that strikes me as a questionable idea -- NP might dig in and say they have to come directly to her. Here's the speaker's address; Cindy's is all over the internet if you want it.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi

U.S. Congress/District Office

450 Golden Gate Ave. 14th Floor

San Francisco CA 94102

Thanks, everyone. Let it be the most productive five minutes we ever spent.


PS: Another thing that needs doing, if you have more than five minutes and think this is the most important issue pressing, is to call the members of the Judiciary Committee, which is now holding Dennis Kucinich's H Res. 799 to impeach Cheney, and urge them to pass it to the floor for consideration as soon as possible. A form with phone numbers and and voting information on those who favored and opposed its survival is at t

You can find out more about the strange, confusing vote not to table the resolution at We need to thank the Republicans for their No votes as if we thought they were sincerely interested.

Contributed by:
Bill Fulcher
Valley World Peace Alliance

La Nueva Raza News