Monday, November 5, 2007

MCALLEN: Femmecore Friends Forum -- NOV 10

From the folks from Femmecore (Edinburg/McAllen):

Next femcore friends forum get-together to be on November the 10th

Starting at 12pm, at the park on 10th St and zinnia near that confetti party store (or something like that). I think its pretty central between Edinburg and Mc allen area. and its a nice park too.

so, things to bring besides yourselves and friends would be:
*yummy food (vegan Please :])
*some fem lit/art(poetry, a book, a drawing, a photo, stuff running around your head)
*and if you have a kite you should bring it too :)
*oh also veg recipes to share with everyone.

from there we can talk about about reading a book together.

If you want you can also add more to-do things to this.

Courtesy of: FemmeCore Friends Forum