Thursday, November 1, 2007

From RICK NORIEGA FOR SENATE: John Cornyn's Vote is a DREAM Killer for Students

Last week, Senator John Cornyn voted against the children and the future of Texas by voting to kill the DREAM Act. This legislation would facilitate access to college for undocumented children and create a path to legalization for students enrolled in college or the military. In August, Senator Cornyn told an El Paso Times reporter that he supported the bill, but when it came time to demonstrate that support with action, he flip-flopped and voted against it.

The DREAM Act is a statement that Texans believe in education. Instead of doing the right thing, John Cornyn chose to reverse his position for political gain and exploit the education of Hispanic children to use as a political wedge issue.

In 2001, State Representative Rick Noriega passed a Texas version of the DREAM Act with overwhelming bipartisan support, which subsequently has allowed over 10,000 children to enter college and set them on the path to becoming educated, productive, and taxpaying Texans.

Cornyn Rejects Students

The Dallas Morning News reported last week that Senator Cornyn would not allow three undocumented students who traveled from Dallas to Washington, D.C. into his office because they were not legal residents. Cornyn said that neither he nor his staff would meet with students "who admit to not being legally in the country or are here in violation of immigration laws."

The junior Senator's intolerant and mean-spirited policy demonstrated a great lack of compassion. According to the newspaper, all three students were brought into the country by their parents before they turned 11. One of the students asked Cornyn to "Put yourself in our shoes. Try to imagine your life as an immigrant."

In contrast, Texas' senior Senator, Kay Bailey Hutchison, voted for Texas' children by voting for the DREAM act. While Senator Hutchison, a Republican, supported mainstream legislation that would help students who are doing their best and were brought to this country by their parents, Senator Cornyn opted to exploit Texans for political gain.

End the Nightmare

"The dream died last week, and Senator John Cornyn helped to kill it." Help us kick Cornyn out of office and end this nightmare once and for all. Tell your friends and family about Rick's campaign by clicking here now. It's time to end the politics of division and unite for a better future.


Carlos Doroteo
Noriega for Texas

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