Thursday, November 1, 2007

Connecting the latest Chertoff dots...

From border walls to raiding communities all across the country, imprisonment of children...Chertoff & the ICE company is a dictatorship that is violating the tenants of our country. Here's a current sampling.

Blackwater on the border...

Dallas editorial on immigration...with a conscience...

Austin TV coverage on Hutto Walk III and the Williamson County's decision to continue to profit off of imprisoning children...

Patty Burland's latest expose of Hutto, the sex scandal and the detainees' slave labor for a $1 a day

Police arresting immigrants fleeing San Diego fires...

Ravaging of the Arizona desert environment with bombs and border walls...

Connecting the Dots...Making a Difference
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Jay J. Johnson-Castro, Sr. wrote:

Howdy amigos...

Our borders are on the verge of being ruled by privatized corporatism, corruption and mercenaries...

Below you'll see two examples of how Chertoff, with dual US and Israeli citizenship is ceding our border with Mexico to one of Israel's private security companies. It is also putting the Environmental Impact Study in the hands of another private company. So...private companies, both foreign and domestic are controlling the present and future of our borders. Where's Congress? Where's our Texas Legislature?

Then you'll see that Blackwater is setting up on the border. This mercenary army which is devastating Iraq, committed heinous acts in New Orleans in the aftermath of now going to take over our borders. They better stay the hell out of Texas!!!

The first part below about the Israel spy towers on the border is from Brenda Norrell from Censored.
The second portion is from Stefanie Herweck and the NO BORDER WALL alliance.
The third part is directly from

Please share with those who are opposed to this take over of our border by foreign and domestice private companies...

In solidarity...


Brenda's Norrell's expose...

Arivaca spy tower: Israeli firms providing US security

Now for the NO BORDER WALL Stefanie Herweck and

Rather than attempt to comply with our nation’s laws, Chertoff chose to “waive in their entirety… all federal, state, or other laws, regulations and legal requirements” related to the following 20 federal statutes:

National Environmental Policy Act
Endangered Species Act
Federal Water Pollution Control Act (aka Clean Water Act)
National Historic Preservation Act
Migratory Bird Treaty Act
Clean Air Act
Archaeological Resources Protection Act
Safe Drinking Water Act
Noise Control Act
Solid Waste Disposal Act
Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act
Federal Land Policy and Management Act
Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act
Archaeological and Historic Preservation Act
Antiquities Act
Historic Sites, Buildings, and Antiquities Act
Arizona-Idaho Conservation Act
Wild and Scenic Rivers Act
Farmland Protection Policy Act
Administrative Procedures Act

Private company, E2m's, NEPA brochure is attached. It's been confirmed that they (this private company that messed up with the fax and online public comment ) will be doing the entire EIS process.

The Army Corps contact Charles McGregor told me that DHS wouldl not extend the comment period. He agreed that the fax and website glitches "make us look really bad." Ortiz's office called me very dismayed that they won't extend. It's pretty bad when people in government stop having faith in government.

Enclosed please find a fax receipt showing that the fax number for the Border Fence Environmental Impact Statement—Rio Grande Valley Sector is not a working number. The fax number to submit comments for the scoping process of the EIS had not been working since at least Saturday, October 13. The fax failure compounded the obstacles to submitting public comments, as lapses in the official website for submitting public comments have been well documented.

The public comment period offered for the RGV EIS was a mere 20 days, far shorter than the public comment periods of other environmental impact statements covering projects of this magnitude. These obstacles had the effect of shortening the period by at least another 8 days. We called on DHS to correct these glitches immediately and to extend the public comment period. We asked our border congressmen and our Texas senators to see that the people of the Rio Grande Valley had ample opportunity to make their voices heard by calling on the federal government to extend the comment period.

Courtesy of:
Jay J. Johnson-Castro