Tuesday, November 13, 2007

CALIFAS: Free Lecture on Nahuatl -- NOV 14

cuahquiahuit/eagle rain,aka(choka meeshkoaht)

on wednesday 14 the chicano round table will sponsor a free lecture on the azteca mesheekah language (nahuaht) ,

will be done by a letcurer from mexico city.dont forget your roots,!!!!!

this wednesday at 7:30 pm
check it out at the GALLO CAFE and coffe house.
4545 Cesar Chavez ave .east l.a. 90022 next to some catholic church.
the lecture will be held on the second floor or in the chapel hall.
DONT MISS IT-Sponsered by chicano studies alumni,
Cal State Dominguez Hill and by the Mexican American University.
for more in for call 323 263 3352.

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