Monday, November 12, 2007

Scholarship Directory for Latino Students Online!!!

Hello everyone,

Here's a useful national directory of funding sources for Latino students. It includes all sorts of funding, which can be very helpful to you, to your students, people you know, etc. PLEASE distribute it to Latino undergraduates and graduates, as well as faculty likely to pass the information along?

View the newest directory of scholarships that has been released as a guide for Latino students. (You can also visit:

Many of these are national scholarship searches. Some have varied deadlines and citizenship requirements. There are many listed that do not carry a US citizenship eligibility, but may require you live in a certain state and attend a certain state college/university. Many are designated for particular majors or other fields of interest. There are also those that are designated for high school students graduating in 2008 and a listing of scholarships for students attending graduate school in Fall 08.

Please forward to your students and encourage them to review, read very carefully, and apply! Apply! Apply!

Thanks to:
Donajih Rodriguez