Sunday, November 4, 2007

An open letter to the Organization of American States

Good afternoon...

For over a year many of us in the U.S. have been actively opposing the border wall. Many of us have also been extremely active in opposing the concentration camps and prison camps that exploit the privatized "for-profit" detention facilities. Here in Texas, two such profit prisons are targets of our constant protests. T. Don Hutto in Taylor, Texas that has hundreds of children and their mothers from dozens of different countries...which receives about $10,000 per child per day. The other is in Raymondville, TX, which is a ten tent concentration camp, that has upwards of 2000 immigrants from some 50 different lands. This facility is expanding to add 1000 more beds.

Such facilities are being built all across the country. It is the intent of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to imprison (for profit) and deport the millions of undocumented immigrants that reside in our country. The operation is called the "End Game". ( ).

On May 8, 2007, the UN Human Rights Commission, Special Rapporteur, Sr. Jorge Bustamante, came to Texas specifically to inspect the human rights violations against the immigrant children at the Hutto children's' prison. We collaborated with Sr. Bustamante and held a protest vigil in front of the prison camp. As you are no doubt aware, Sr. Bustamante was denied access by Secretary of DHS, Chertoff.

We would like you of the OAS to know that there is a vast network here in Texas and all across the US that are vehemently opposed to these crimes against our human family. We have attorneys, professors, journalists, business leaders, faith based organizations, human rights organizations, military and common citizens who are outraged over these atrocities.

Every day, all across the country, hundreds and sometimes thousands of immigrants are being rounded up and imprisoned like criminals...without any due process or civil liberties. The legislated goal of the ruling elite is to have a daily average of 41,000 immigrants in these for-profit prison camps. This is the darkest form of capitalism since slavery. Now, these facilities are "working" the detainees at the rate of $1 per day. These prison camps are turning into slave labor camps.

When the OAS does investigate the conditions here, we the grassroots citizens, would like to collaborate with your visits with some protests. Our network can provide you with information from all over the US that you would not other be able to gather up as a result of the prevailing secrecy. We have already done much of this info gathering and would be most eager to share the hard facts of this national and international tragedy with you. From some 30 states, we have been actively opposed to the trauma that is being conducted against innocent, desperate and helpless people.

Please help us as we try to help you...

In solidarity...



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