Monday, November 12, 2007

ONE Spirit -

The winter is already here in the great plains of South Dakota - delapidated houses with no insulation and some with no windows or even doors have children and elders suffering from the cold.

Please remember our brothers and sisters on that forgotten reservation - they need us more than ever during the winter months. Please visit us at


and see if you can help supply a half cord or even a cord of wood for a family - that;s enough wood heat to last a month or more depending on the size of the household. For many, wood heat is all they have, most don't have electricity and fewer can afford propane to keep them warm. Please help.

Also remember that the holidays are upon us. You can help a child with a $15 Christmas box - it's simple, go to your local dollar store, buy 15 dollars worth of simple items like crayons, coloring books, toy cars, hair ribbons, little dolls and put them in a shoe box. See our Christmas gift program on our main page at WWW.NATIVEPROGRESS.ORG with info where to send your Christmas gift box to a child who probably won't receive anything else unless you help.

May the Creator bless you all and touch the hearts of those able to help at this time!!

Pilamaya! ONE Spirit

Thanks to:
Legion of One