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ARTICLE: Mohawks Inflamed over Tohono O'Odham Wall

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welcomes rich and kills the poor


(Arizona) Nov., 8, 2007 --Indigenous delegates to the

border on Tohono O'odham Nation land were outraged

by the federal agents, hovering customs helicopter,

profiteering contractors, federal spy tower, federal

"cage" detention center and watching the arrest of a

group of Indigenous Peoples, mostly women and

children, by the US Border Patrol on an Indian Nation.

"We saw it all firsthand in America," said Bill Means,

Lakota and cofounder of the International Indian

Treaty Council on Nov. 8, when an Indigenous delegation

went to the [so-called] "US/Mexico" border here, south

of Sells, to document human rights abuses [including

murders, rapes, torture, deaths] for a report to the United


"We are going to take this wall down," Means said,

after viewing the construction of a "border vehicle

barrier" by contractors and National Guard on Tohono

O'odham land. [This wall is something to see. It is iron

posts filled with cement, sunk 5 ft. into the ground and

6 1/2 ft. high. it is going to be electrified.]

Speaking a few hours later to the Indigenous Peoples

Border Summit of the Americas II in San Xavier,

Means called for solidarity of Indigenous Peoples

throughout the world to halt the arrests of Indigenous

Peoples who are walking north in search of a better life,

and solidarity to bring down the US/Mexico border wall.
"One inch of intrusion into our land is not acceptable!"

Mohawk Mark Maracle told the Border Summit. "I

became very angry when I saw those guys rounding

up our people. It is a violation of our Great Law to witness

what we saw today and do nothing about it." [We felt so

powerless. What could we do. They had all the guns!]

The delegation included Mohawks, Oneida, Navajo,

Acoma Pueblo, Hopi and O'odham.

Near the border, at the scene of the arrests of a group

of Indigenous Peoples, Mohawks stood before US

Border Patrol agents and yelled at them about the illegality

of their actions. They held their fists high in solidarity, as the

Border Patrol packed nearly a dozen Indigenous

Peoples into one vehicle.

The delegation also viewed the federal spy tower next

to Homeland Security's migrant detention center known

as "the cage" on the Tohono O'odham Nation. The first

stop, however, was the abomination of the new wall

being constructed on O'odham land.

Kahentinetha Horn of the Mohawk Women Title

Holders said she saw the callousness of the Tohono

O'odham district official [Marla Henry mhenry_ckd@yahoo.com]

standing before them and speaking in favor of the border

barrier. [Marla asked, "What people are your talking about?"

"Your People", we all said. She smiled the whole time].

"This is completely illegal," Kahentinetha said, adding

that it violates human rights and international law.

Kahentinetha was outraged at the arrests of the group

of Indigenous Peoples, who appeared to be young Mayans

from Oaxaca, Chiapas or Guatemala.

"We stood in front of the Border Patrol yelling at them,"

Kahentinetha told the Indigenous Border Summit. She

described how the Mohawks stood with fists held high

in solidarity with the Indigenous Peoples who were arrested

earlier in the day. "We tried to pass some of our strength on

to them to fight."

The Indigenous delegation documenting the abuses planned

to intervene in the arrests, but the Border Patrol crowded the

group into a vehicle and left quickly.

Mohawk warrior Rarahkwisere, among those disheartened to

see the arrest of fellow Indigenous Peoples on Indian land

with the help of Indigenous people, was shaking with anger.

He pointed out, “These brothers and were not drug runners or

criminals. These were men, women and children walking in

search of a better life”. [They have the same rights as anyone

else? This fence is being erected by people who claim to

support a "free market society". They really want low labor

costs. Today some can live well and others are pushed to starve.

These people are not just economic migrants eager to get into

the US to sponge off welfare. They are being forced to flee.

The multinational corporations are spraying toxic chemicals

on their homeland.]

Jay Johnson Castro of Del Rio Texas, leading protests against

the imprisonment of migrant children at Hutto prison in

Texas and the border wall in Texas, was in the delegation.
"I hear 'sovereign nation,' but I didn't see sovereign actions

[by the Tohono O'odham]." Castro said the buildings near the

border on the Tohono O'odham Nation are labeled "Homeland

Security and Tohono O'odham Nation. They are partners [in

crime! Partners in genocide!]

Maracle said the atrocities that the US government is falsely

accusing migrants of doing, is what the invaders did when

they arrived on Turtle Island: rape, robbery and murder.

[We do not believe that toddlers and 9 year olds are

committing such crimes].

"If we don't stop and grab hold of our destiny, there is not going

to be one for our children." Maracle said. "All the nations need to

come together and stop what is happening here. I know from

past experience with the Mohawk Warrior Society where our

power lies. It is with the people. Don't ever forget that."

Chris George, Oneida from Canada, said, "When the Border

Patrol came up, they treated us like as enemies." The

Border Patrol imemdiately asked the summit delegation

“Who authorized this delegation to be at the border and

who is your leader?” [Did they think we were a bunch of

martians or something?] "No one authorizes us to do

anything. Creation brought us there”. George warned,

“Don't let the United States government tell us

who we are. We are Haudenosaunee, People of the Longhouse."

Lenny Foster, Dine' (Navajo) and advocate for Native ceremonial

rights for inmates, said that what he witnessed was "brutal,

vicious and evil." He said Dine' know that all human beings

have five fingers. He said that he did not recognize the district

official and federal agents as having five-fingers. "They were

robots." Foster said that the Tohono O'odham district official

[Marla Henry] who led the tour was defending the [colonial]

policies of genocide.

Describing how the Indigenous Peoples were arrested and

quickly rushed into a small vehicle, Foster said, "It reminded

me of Gallup, N.M. and how they round up our people,

stacked them up like cords of wood." Foster was at the dirt

path leading to Mexico, also known as The Gate, years ago

when the American Indian Movement protested the violation

of human rights there. He remarked on the heavy buildup of

police and agents, from the BIA, Tohono O'odham Nation, US Border

Patrol, Immigration and Customs agents and the National

Guard. They were all working with the contractors constructing

the wall, while a white customs' helicopter hovered menacingly


At the same time, on the Mexico side [of the “imaginary line”],

two men sat under a tree. An attorney for the O'odham in

Mexico was prevented from crossing into the United States

portion of Tohono O'odham land by the US Border Patrol.

This man held a letter from Tohono O'odham Nation Chairman

Ned Norris requesting to meet with him today. Norris stated

that the attorney could enter the Nation by way of “The Gate”

that we were at.

The Border Patrol officer at the scene refused to allow the

attorney to enter, over-ruling Chairman Norris. He said

the attorney must have a US visa and not just a letter from

Norris. [This goes to show how some Indians are letting

themselves be puppets of the low ranking "foot soldiers"

of the U.S. government.] The attorney waited there in the

company of a Tarahumara who held a US visa.

Foster pointed out that the Mexican federales or police,

who arrived on the other side, could do anything with the

se two people who were left there. "They could even be

torturing them now."

Means also pointed out that the delegation was "tailed" or

followed from the tribal capitol of Sells. Means also said that

the Berlin Wall had come down, but now there are other

walls to divide the people [that are being built all over the world].
At the border wall, Means said one of the workers announced

proudly, "The Israelis are helping us put up the wall." Border

wall contractor Boeing has hired a subcontractor, Elbit Systems,

an Israeli defense contractor, who helped build the Apartheid

Wall in Palestine.

Means said the U.S. "gated communities" have expanded

into a "gated country" where the government welcomes the

rich [and kills the poor]. [We were down there during the

"Remembrance Day" weekend. Is this the world the soldiers

sacrified for?]

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MNN Note: An international summit must be called

immediately. These kinds of borders are allegedly being

planned worldwide. We've been informed that a wall is being

planned on the "imaginary line" known as the Canada-U.S.

border. This is a violation of Indigenous law, human rights and

international law. This plan to control all of mankind and

the natural world must be stopped immediately!

Direct your criticisms to: Marla Henry mhenry_ckd@yahoo.com; Verlon

Jose, Chairman of Tohono O’odham Legislative Council, Box 837, Sells,

Arizona 85634, verlon.jose@tonation-nsn.gov; and to your local

Congressmen, Senators, media, file international complaints; To help,

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