Thursday, November 1, 2007

Mexica Origin of "Dia De Los Muertos"

"Days of the Dead" has its origins in the Mexica months of:

● Miccailhuitontli (Little festival of the Dead, Aug 19-Sept 7)
● Hueymiccailhuitl (Grand festival of the Dead, Sept 8-27)

Each month is a duration of 20-days. The original "Days of the Dead" festivals extended over two months until colonization. Then, the celebrations were reduced to the Christian-friendly time of All Souls Day on Nov, 2nd.

Christians also changed the original months that are named after the festivals for the Dead as follows:

● Miccailhuitontli became Tlaxochimaco (flowers offering)
● Hueymiccailhuitl became Xocotl Huetzi (falling fruit)

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