Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Border Wall in the News

Chertoff gave a press conference to announce the apprehension stats for the fiscal year. Here are the related articles:

Interesting fact: Apprehensions fell by 45% in the Del Rio Sector where there is no border wall, but rose by 7% in the walled up San Diego Sector.

Apprehensions of border-crossers drop,0,7776174.story?coll=la-home-center

Another threat:

Chertoff might waive laws to get Texas border fence built

"Progress" apparently includes an increase in migrant deaths in AZ:

More drugs seized, fewer migrants arrested: Chertoff will highlight progress along border

A GAO report documents the number of people crossing illegally through points of entry.

21,000 Slipped Past Borders Illegally


By Rep. Grijalva

Failing our nation, failing our planet:

An excellent reframing of the issue:

Mad rush for border wall adds to San Pedro woes

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