Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Re: Stop UT Fraternity From Hosting "Cholo/Ghetto Mexican" Rush Event!!!

Thanks again for bringing another very important issue to the forefront. (See http://xicanopwr.com/2007/10/texas-fraternity-to-throw-racist-theme-event/ for posting) MEChA de UT tried to speak with the Daily Texan to publish our response to this racist occurrence, pero como we didn’t have the name of the frat throwing the party, they disregarded the validity of our claim and considered it chisme.

I agree very deeply with your comment that, “The problem with a racist “ghetto fabulous” party isn’t that it offends some people, it supports and strengthens an unjust social system that hurts people.” We live in hyper-segregated communities where people of color make up more than 90% of the residents in our barrios and hoods. Our communities are deteriorating, our schools are failing and tracking our youth into the criminal justice system, family homes are being foreclosed, businesses don’t want to invest their capital and resources on our streets to create jobs (except for Mc.D’s and Family Dollar.) Hustlin’ and slanging dope have become a legitimate yet dangerous source of survival, but worst of all, our communities are being led to believe that we are the problem.

Structural racism is hardly ever mentioned by people anymore, yet it is real.

When a persons chance to live life past the age of 20 is reduced because of who they are and where they live, we have a problem. It’s almost as if our communities are being condemned to die or remain subservient to the needs of those in power by continuing to serve as their maids, hamburger flippers, young military recruits, and prisoners. Fortunately, even in the face of such odds and public scrutiny, our communities (particularly the youth) have resisted being condemned to this kind of social death by creating alternatives that help bring meaning and value to their lives. And although I’m saddened by the violence that often times plague these groups, I believe the Chol@s is part of this resistance.

MEChA de UT believes that no one, especially white people, have the right to mock our Raza’s struggle, so we urge people to sign on to the petition and create dialogues about this kind of racism in your schools and communities in order to send the message that this kind of racist insensitivity will not be tolerated.

See www.soymechista.org to sign on.

!La Union hace la Fuerza!

Luissana Santibanez