Tuesday, October 30, 2007

NATIONAL: Action to Close the School of the Americas -- NOV 16-18

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NOVEMBER 16-18, 2007

On the weekend of November 16-18, thousands will gather at the gates of
Fort Benning, Georgia. The weekend will include a massive rally,
nonviolent direct action, trainings, workshops, benefit concerts, puppet
shows, teach-ins, film screenings and more

The School of the Americas (renamed the Western Hemisphere Institute for
Security Cooperation SOA/WHINSEC) is not an aberration of U.S. foreign
policy but a clear illustration of it. The racist system of violence and
domination that is being promoted by institutions like the SOA/WHINSEC,
employs military solutions as the one-size-fits-all "solution" for social
problems throughout the world.

Fort Benning, Georgia, one of the biggest military bases in the world has
become a focal point of the people power resistance to this system. In
recent months, caravans from Veterans For Peace, Iraq Veterans Against the
War and the Journey for Humanity and Accountability by Chindy Sheehan and
Anne Wright took a stand for justice at the gates of Fort Benning.
In November, social movement leaders from Argentina, Chile, Guatemala,
Colombia, the United States and other countries will converge on Fort
Benning to speak out against empire and call for justice and peace. Join

THURSDAY, November 15: Benefit Concert in Atlanta, Georgia; trainings and
workshops in Columbus, Georgia
FRIDAY, November 16: Teach-Ins, workshops, films screenings and a benefit
concert in Columbus, Georgia
SATURDAY, November 17: Massive rally with music, speakers and a puppet
show at the gates of Fort Benning, Georgia, Teach-Ins, workshops, and
films screenings at the Columbus Convention Center and in hotel meeting
rooms in the evening; benefit concert at night.
SUNDAY, November 18: Veterans march to the gates, commemoration of the
victims of SOA/WHINSEC violence at the gates of Fort Benning, nonviolent
direct action

Click here for a map with the event locations:

HOTELS: See a list of hotel and other accommodations in and around
Columbus, Georgia: http://www.soaw.org/article.php?id=1001
If you are looking for housing, contact Alyson Hayes at the Columbus
Visitors Bureau to see which hotels have vacancies. Reach the Visitors
Bureau at 1-800-999-1613.

MEDIA OUTREACH:Taking a little time to carry out a handful of
media-related tasks before you head to Georgia can profoundly impact the
number of peoplein your area who know about the SOA/WHINSEC issue and the
number ofpeople who get involved in the work to close it down. Read about
how you can work with your local media:
and/or contact us in the SOA Watch office at 202-234-3440 or
media(at)soaw.org for more information and resources.

TRAVEL: See information on travelling to Columbus, whether by plane, car,
bus, train or something more creative:

ACCESSIBILITY & INTERPRETATION: ASL and English<>Spanish interpretation
services will be available during the vigil weekend. Find out more about
interpretation services, large print and Braille programs and wheelchair
accessibility: http://www.soaw.org/article.php?id=1167

PEACEMAKERS NEEDED: SOA Watch is looking for Peacemaker Volunteers to work
at the vigil this year. Read more about how you can participate, and how
to contact Peacemaker coordinators:

LOCAL GROUPS: Do you know others in your area that are working to close
down the School of the Americas? Connect with others now before heading to
Georgia. Click here for a listing of SOA Watch local groups:
If your group is not listed, please add your contact information:

Don't see a group for your area? Consider starting one! For more
information, contact us at info@soaw.org or at 202-234-3440 or contact
your regional representative for more information about those in your
region working to close the SOA/ WHINSEC:

NOVEMBER ORGANIZING PACKET: The November Organizing Packet is a great
resource for you and your community as you spread the word about the SOA/
WHINSEC and as you make plans to attend the November 16-18 Vigil to Close
the SOA at Fort Benning, Georgia. In it, you'll find information about
what to expect at Ft. Benning, logistical information to assist your trip
planning, media, legislative, fundraising and outreach tips and resources,
and flyers you can reproduce and use in your community.
DOWNLOAD: http://www.soaw.org/article.php?id=1572

Courtesy of:
Erik Toren