Monday, October 29, 2007

AgJOBS Bill Needs Your Support

Help farm workers win AgJOBS

AgJOBS (S. 340) could be offered as an amendment to the Farm Bill on the Senate floor as early as next week. We need you to send your senators an e-mail in support of AgJOBS today.

Farm workers' daily labor feeds this nation--doing the hardest, most difficult jobs that others won't do. Yet, they are faced with fear and intimidation because many employers use the threat of deportation to ensure their silence.

An example of the intimidation farm workers face was showcased on ABC News in an episode about the California wildfires. Farm workers were laboring in a San Diego area tomato field. The homes on the city side of the street were under mandatory evacuation orders, but the farm just across the street was not. The owner of the field wanted his workers to keep picking. The workers--most of whom were undocumented--were afraid that if they left, even for their own safety, they would lose their jobs.

By sending your e-mail, you can help undocumented farm workers come out of the shadows and fight this cycle of oppression. You can help them earn the right to permanently stay in this country by continuing to work in agriculture. AgJOBS was negotiated by the United Farm Workers and the agricultural industry and enjoys broad bipartisan support. It is critically important because it would provide America with a stable farm labor force and help ensure that farm workers are treated fairly.

Four farm workers will be going to Washington DC next week to personally lobby congressmembers. We've secured a generous donation from one of our allied groups to cover the cost of airfare. Each farm worker will still need $281 dollars for three days of housing, food and local transportation. To keep the momentum going, we also want to put one organizer in each state at $702/week for two weeks in 13 states. We'll dispatch organizers to the key states based on how much money we raise. Make your donation today.

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