Monday, October 15, 2007

TAKE ACTION: Dream Act Letters Needed!


Recommendations from both Washington and Texas legislators (and their staff) have arisen in light of this week's lobbying effort for the DREAM Act. Among these strong suggestions is that EVERY DREAM student/supporter that we know write a "1-2 pages biography or summary of your own experience(s) and/or those of friends". These letters should be handwritten and should be very simple:

1. Who I am: name (not necessarily full name, to protect your identity), how old you are, are you a student? supporter?.

2. Where I come/came from: a supporter from an organization? a parent of DREAM students from...? a student from what country?

3. This is my DREAM: if you're a student, what are your aspirations? How do you plan to excel in life? If a supporter, why should the DREAM Act pass?

These letters are to be "brief and to the point," as specified by the attaches; and they are "powerful tools" to "put an individual face on the 'undocumented' so that they can be seen as people, not just an impersonal mass." Again, these are guidelines straight from political offices that know what works! And what works are "personal stories." Please take the time to write a couple of these, but the more, the better. These letters are to be PERSONALLY handed and explained by our Houston representative(s) to high-ranking staff and/or Senators themselves while meeting with them to educate them about the DREAM Act.

PLEASE don't take this opportunity for granted. In a last push to pass the DREAM Act this year, we must do EVERYTHING in our power to stand together as a supporting community and make a difference. Please reply to or call (832) 423-9522 to have your letters picked up BY TOMORROW TUESDAY or for instructions if you'd like to mail them directly to us soon. Thank you.

"The DREAM will NEVER die if we don't let it..."