Monday, October 29, 2007

Samples of Resolutions Against the Border Wall

Pushing for municipalities to pass resolutions opposing the border wall was something that the No Border Wall group worked on a while back, and it continues to be something that I think we all agree is important. Cameron county, Webb county, Laredo, El Paso, Eagle Pass, Brownsville, and the Texas Border Coalition have all passed resolutions opposing the wall. These are useful in showing the rest of the nation that opposition to the wall is widespread and mainstream.

The most effective way to get these passed is for residents to get the resolution on the agenda at the next City Council or other meeting. If you provide them with the text ahead of time in a word document they can modify it as they see fit. I have attached a copy of a resolution that I wrote a while back. Then attend the meeting and speak in favor of the resolution and against the wall. All they have to do is vote yes or no. When one passes let everyone know. There are copies of the other resolutions on the listserv homepage, - go to "Files", then open the "Resolutions Against the Wall" folder. I think that the Cameron County resolution is especially good.


Courtesy of: Scott / No Border Wall