Monday, October 29, 2007

ARTICLE: Mexicans are American Indians - It's the Border that is Illegal

Mexicans are American Indians - It's the Border that is Illegal

Will the Real Illegal Aliens Please Stand Up

By Barry Carter

The brown people of Mexico have been on the North American continent for tens of thousands of years. They are American Indians indigenous to America and thus cannot be illegal aliens. One cannot be both indigenous and alien since these are opposites. Euro-Americans renamed them Hispanic, Latino, Mexican, Mestizo, Chicano for reasons of self-gain. By renaming them eventually people forget that they are Indigenous North American Indians. Once forgotten then the American land is free for the taking.

All one has to do is look at a pre-contact map of the North American continent to see that the US-Mexican border, is an artificial line, that bisected the territory of Indian people, such as the Ute-Aztecan. The Ute-Aztecan territory covers much of current day Mexico, Texas, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada. Thus the border is illegal, not the Indians. The Indian peoples never approved this border. Thus American Indians as illegal aliens in America is as ridicules as someone coming into your house, taking your house at gunpoint and then getting an illegal court order barring you from entering your own house. It does not matter how many years pass it is your house. If you are the illegal alien in the house, what better defense than pointing the finger at the real owners as the illegal aliens, in order to hide your true status and theft.

The mislabeling of an entire group of Indian people is no accident. It was/is a common ploy to steal land, wealth and power of the rightful inhabitants of America. In the Southeastern U.S. many Indians pass as light skin black people because for centuries they were forced to deny their Indian heritage or face death. The same is true of Indians in the Caribbean. The Taino Indians were supposed to be extinct, but when DNA testing was done, in Puerto Rico, over 90% of the population had significant American Indian DNA. The motivation of Euro-Americans was and is the possession, ownership and control of American “Indian” land. Europeans inflicted the greatest human holocaust in history in order to attain the land and wealth. This holocaust resulted in tens of millions of Indian deaths, extinction of entire nations, languages and cultures.

It does not take a rocket scientist to simply look at Mexicans to know that they are American Indians. Demographics for Mexico show that 90% of the population is Indian. So why then does Euro-America see Mexicans as illegal aliens and not as American Indians? Because it conflicts with their self-interest and vision of manifest destiny or “greedifest destiny”. They feel that they have some god given right to American Indian land and seeing Mexicans as American Indians threatens this illusion.

What we really have is an apartheid system on the North American continent. The system of apartheid started in the Americas in 1492. Initially millions of east coast Indians were killed to make lands free for Europeans. The remaining eastern Indians were supposedly forced out of the east as indicated with Andrew Jackson proclamation that there were no more Indians east of the Mississippi. In essence everything west of the Mississippi was a large Indian Reservation. As the Euro-Americans came west, the Indians west of the Mississippi, were forced onto apartheid “homeland” reservations or to the south. Eventually a line was drawn to the south (the U.S.-Mexican border) with the majority of American Indians barred south of the line. Euro-Americans argue that the delineating factor is that Euro-English conquered the lands north of the border, for the most part, and the Euro-Spanish conquered the lands to the south. This, however, is meaningless to the American Indians who were already here and thus are indigenous.

What the illegal alien issue is really all about is threatening the Euro-American manifest destiny dream. We don’t call Lakota or Navajo or Apache illegal aliens today because their numbers were reduced so greatly that they have little power to threaten Euro-America. They are free to leave their reservations and come and go as they please. However, when they were a threat, to manifest destiny, it was illegal for them to leave the reservations and they were considered illegal aliens off the reservations. And this was true of Indians living east of the Mississippi. After Andrew Jackson’s Indian Removal Act of the 1830’s it was illegal for Indians to be east of the Mississippi and Indians were not only considered illegal aliens if they were found east of the Mississippi, they were found DEAD illegal aliens.

Today the 100,000,000 Indians living south of the illegal border pose the only Indian threat to Euro-America’s vision of manifest destiny. And believe me the racist notion of manifest destiny is unconsciously still alive and kicking the majority of Euro-Americans heads. The mere notion that the America today is still Indian land is a foreign notion in most Euro-America’s heads. This is why most Euro-Americans are ignorant to the fact that Mexico is part North America. And this buried racial bias is behind the thinking that allows the Indians, in question, to so easily be classified as illegal aliens in their own homelands.

When we really think about it Mexico is a very large Indian reservation. All Indian reservations are part of an American apartheid system created by Euro-Americans. The border between the US and Mexico is an apartheid border. It is a racist border created out of imperialism and the colonization of indigenous people. Euro-Americans have 100 million brown Indians isolated on a large reservation called Mexico in order to keep brown people separate and powerless and to maintain power in the hands of Euro-Americans. This is exactly what was done with South African apartheid with “homeland” reservations for brown people. Like South Africa, the brown people from the Mexican reservation are allowed to come in temporarily and do menial work, but must return to their reservations when the work is done. They both must have a pass to be off their reservation. It is all about control of indigenous brown people.

What’s really behind Euro-American fears and the illegal alien propaganda? Euro-Americans in the United States have the same fears as White people in South Africa before the apartheid wall fell. They fear being overrun by 100 million brown people. If the 100 million Indians are let off of the reservation Euro-Americans lose control of government, politics, business, etc. Their dreams of manifest destiny collapses and it becomes clear that American’s destiny has always been brown and the illusion of a “white” America is gone.

Many Euro-Americans will refuse to accept the facts of history. They’ll get hung up on all kinds of details. They will argue, show us the Yaqui, Cahita, Tarahumara, Jumano, Seri, Coahuiltec, Karankawa, Tonkawa, Mixtec, Tarascan Indians since these are the people whose land was bisected by the border. However, the “Euro-recognition con-game and other specious arguments do not matter since there is no way to stop the 100,000,000 Indians from crossing the illegal border and thus no way to stop the re-browning of America. There are 100 million brown Indians that cannot be imprisoned on the Mexican reservation indefinitely. They are reclaiming the North American continent one person and one day at a time—American Indians crossing the illegal apartheid border. And there is nothing Euro-Americans can do about it.

AS I SAID IN A RECENT COMMENT THREAD, the purpose of renaming Mexicans as "Hispanic" is to deny them their Indian status. The purpose of naming Mexican migrants as "Aliens" is grossly obvious. Could you possibly think of a nastier, more dehumanizing word? The purpose of framing those of Mexican descent as anything except what they are is done for very insidious and harmful purposes. As if some wall or ocean or moral boundary separates la tierra of "texas" from la tierra of "mexico" and has since the dawn of time. It truly requires some magical, self-interested and deluded thinking to come to the conclusions one must in order to feel justified about countless realities today such as NAFTA, border-walls, Incarceration of children, and "hunting me some aliens."

The conquest of this continent did not end with the Spanish leaving, nor with the American Declarations of whatevers. The conquest bloodly, blindly, desperately staggers on. But unless you kill every single one of us and our descendants (or wipe our memories), this conquest will never succeed. Invent laws, invent courts, invent reasons why Indians are subhuman, but it doesn't matter, your small-scale dreams and greed-stained papers flutter like sick flies in a mighty wind of inconsequence. Some of us keep our hearts in the hands of the Earth, our precious truths in the gold envelopes of the Sun, herself—places where time will not yield to the Lie. Some of us have deeper alliances than those formed by the Dollar. We are still here. We will be here to watch the balance restored. We are restoring the balance.