Tuesday, October 30, 2007



OK, me, Hollie….is requesting that we all stop purchasing lead filled toys made in China.

We all know that there are issues between the United States and China (and every other country in the world, thanks to Bush). Clearly they are trying to kills us, by what? Killing our children first and foremost. This will prevent us from having a great military force to fight against them later….you know after we lose half the damn military to the billion dollar a month “War on Terror” in Iraq.

They will try to kill us by any means necessary…poisoning our dogs and cats…they know damn well Americans care more about animals than people (just look at the whole Michael Vick issue).

Please be real with your children and explain why they cannot have their favorite batman toy or their favorite doll. All of the toy companies are manufacturing in China. Reid and I have for months stop purchasing toys made in China. Reid is eight years old, if he can do it so can you. Feel free to call Reid and let him explain it to your child…it may come across better from another kid.

Seriously, please stop purchasing lead filled toys from China. If we stop buying, start complaining Mattel and the other manufacturers will have to make a change. It is not just about the toys, but the life long damage to our children from lead exposure. Stores are not pulling recalled toys from the shelves, they are just placing disclaimers by the price tags and directing you to the manufacturing company. Basically no one is doing a damn thing, but allowing the Chinese to kill our children.

Take a stand help stop Americana’s companies from manufacturing products in foreign countries, and having customer service centers in India…..bring our business and jobs back to our people in the United States….hell just look at extreme home makeover….our people are living like third world countries in some places…no running water, trailers with tires on the roof to keep the trailer steady. All the while Yall’s dumb ass president is spending billions of dollars to steal oil from Iraq.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions….pass this along…everyone needs to know…..no more toys or anything else made in China…..

With Love Hollie…

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