Monday, October 29, 2007

Protest Minutemen Leadership Conference in Kansas City -- FEB - 1-2

From February 1-2, 2008, the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps, a national
anti-immigrant vigilantee organization, will be hosting its Regional
Leadership Conference in Kansas City at the Uptown Theater.

Anti-racists and immigrant rights advocates from Kansas City and Lawrence,
Kansas are calling for a large community response to this conference.

On Saturday, November 10th at 3pm, Kansas Mutual Aid, a Lawrence based
organization of anti-racists, is hosting an open meeting to discuss
forming a coalition to confront the Minutemen in February. This meeting is
open to any to attend, and will hopefully and shortly be followed by a
similar meeting in Kansas City.

The meeting will be held at the Solidarity Center at 1109 Massachusetts
Street in downtown Lawrence. We are currently looking to make this a
bi-lingual meeting, and are looking for people that are capable and
willing to help with translations from English to Spanish and Spanish to
English. We are also working on providing food and childcare for this

For more information or to let us know you're interested in attending,
contact Kansas Mutual Aid at

In love and solidarity,
Dave Strano
on behalf of Kansas Mutual Aid

Courtesy of: Greg / Valley World Peace Alliance