Thursday, October 18, 2007

School of the Americas Watch - New Website

¡Presente! the Newspaper of the Movement to Close the SOA! Donate [Photo] New Webpage Launched
by Presente Web Team

We have launched a webpage for ¡Presente!, the newspaper of the movement to close the SOA. The webpage contains past and current articles, an archive, and videos about the SOA and the campaign to shut it down. The address of the new webpage is

[Photo] Presente 2.0 - Register
by Presente Web Team

The new webpage has Member Area for people who are active in the campaign to close the School of the Americas (SOA/WHINSEC) and to end the racist system of violence and domination. The webpage - just as the newspaper - is intended to be a tool for the movement. After registering on the page, SOA Watch activists can post comments to articles. Register now.

Call for Submissions
by Presente

Presente is always looking for drawings and cartoons for its print edition. Please send us your artwork.

Due to the space constraints, we usually solicit articles on specific topics, but we also encourage activists to submit queries and manuscripts. Submission information. Not yet subscribed?
The print edition of Presente is being published three times a year. Subscribe today to receive the paper by mail. We are committed to send Presente free of charge to everyone who wants to get active to close the SOA. We do appreciate a donation to cover the costs.

Distribute Presente!

We need your help to spread the information about the SOA and about the reality of U.S. foreign policy. To that end, we want to expand the network of activist distributors around the country to get the paper in as many hands as possible.

Current Issue

Do you know any progressive film makers, publishers, fair trade producers or other politically conscious groups who would be interested in buying ad space in Presente? Please put them in touch and send them our ad rate sheet. 100% of the advertising revenue support the organizing work of SOA Watch. pre·sen·te

1. ¡Presente! means "here" or "present" in Spanish. It is part of the ritual at Ft. Benning to remember the martyrs.
2. ¡Presente! is the name of the newspaper of the movement to close the SOA.

Contact us. Our mailing address is:
Presente, c/o SOA Watch, PO Box 4566, Washington, DC 20017

Our telephone:
(202) 234 3440

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