Wednesday, October 24, 2007

AUSTIN: Tx Socialist Conference 2007 - Building the Revolutionary Alternative -- NOV 3-4


Saturday - Sunday, November 3 - 4
University of Texas at Austin

The 2007 Texas Socialist Conference is a two-day event that will bring together socialists and other activists who are involved in struggles across the region -- from opposing the war to organizing against the death penalty and more -- to discuss how we can rebuild the left and a revolutionary alternative to the messed-up priorities of this system: war, corporate greed and racism. Schedule:

Saturday, Nov. 3

12:00 PM -- Registration begins in the CMA building room A 3.112

1:00 PM -- Opening Plenary: Building the Revolutionary Alternative

Guest speaker: David Whitehouse, co-editor of the International Socialist Review

3:00 PM -- Workshops

• How Can We End the War ?
• Credit Crunch and Mortgage Meltdown: The Crazy Economics of Capitalism

6:00 PM -- Panel Discussion: The New Movements for Civil Rights

Cases like the Jena Six have shined a spotlight on the deep-seated racism in American society. A panel of activists from the Jena Six solidarity movement, the campaign that saved Kenneth Foster, Jr. from execution in Texas and others will discuss their struggles and why we need a new movement for civil rights. Speakers include: Claire Dube (Save Kenneth Foster campaign), K.C. Carter (Hip Hop Against Police Brutality), Dana Cloud (UT professor and anti-death penalty activist), and Courtney Morris (student activist).

Courtesy of: Austin ISO