Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Legal Observers needed for SOA Vigil -- NOV 16-18

Vigil and Nonviolent Direct Action to
Close the School of the Americas (SOA/ WHINSEC)
November 16-18, 2007
Columbus, GA

Legal Observers will be needed throughout the weekend for a variety of
activities. Please visit www.soaw.org <http://www.soaw.org/> for more
information about this event.

If you would like to legal observe for this event please contact Steckley
Lee at slee@filsinc.org or 352-375-2494 ext 1013 (days) 352-514-2955

All Legal Observers must attend a Legal Observer Training and Orientation.

Trainings will be held on Friday November 16, 2007 at the Days Inn in
Columbus, GA. The first training will be from 8 - 9pm and the second
training will be from 9 - 10 pm. A training on Saturday will be arranged
if needed.

If you have attended a NLG Legal Observer training in another city, please
contact Steckley for orientation information.

National Lawyers Guild (NLG) Legal Observers are neutral observers of
government and police conduct at protests and actions. Legal Observers do
not participate in the protests or actions but act as neutral observers to
help protect the rights of activists and concerned citizens during protests
and actions. You do not need to have a legal background to be a Legal
Observer. All Legal Observers will be supervised and working on behalf of
an Attorney.


Courtesy of:
Bill Fulcher