Thursday, October 4, 2007

Indigenous Media Tour & New Videos

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Chiapas Media Project (CMP)/Promedios seeks university, cultural and community-based sponsors to host screenings on our Fall Tour 2007. The tour will feature videos produced by indigenous video makers from the state of Chiapas, primarily from the Zapatista Regional Media Centers.

CMP/Promedios is an award winning, bi-national partnership that provides video equipment, computers and training enabling marginalized indigenous and campesino communities in Southern Mexico to create their own media. CMP/Promedios is currently distributing 26 indigenous produced videos worldwide.

CMP/Promedios asks for an honorarium based on the means of the host organization to help continue the work of the CMP/Promedios. Press kits are available that include articles on CMP/Promedios, bios, photos etc. Please download our press kit at: for more information.

For further information, please call us at 773-504-4144 or e-mail us at

Announcing 6 New Videos!!!

Please check out our website for full descriptions and how to purchase

"The Other Campaign: Indigenous Voices of the North (part 1)"

"A Very Big Train Called The Other Campaign "

"Water, Our Life, Our Hope!"

"Youre saying that we cant pass? "

"Letters for Our Words: Steps Towards Autonomy"

CHICAGO ONLY: Francisco Vazquez, co-founder of CMP/Promedios will be giving 2 presentations October 4 & 6, please email us for complete program details.