Monday, October 8, 2007

Inter-Coalition Joint Meeting


Several people have been asking when the next coalition meeting is scheduled for, so I propose that we schedule our next meeting to coincide with an event that is taking place this Saturday; members of the Coalition of the Working People and the Poor (CWPP), and the Millions More Movement (MMM) have agreed to come to a joint meeting this Saturday, and I would like to invite all members of the Coalition in Defense of the Community (CDC) to also be in attendance. We will be meeting this Saturday at 10am at the SEIU office:

WHAT: Inter-Coalition Joint Meeting

WHEN: Saturday October 13, 2007

TIME: 10:00 am

PLACE: SEIU Office (4299 San Felipe)

Please come and fellowship with other progressive activists who are doing similar work to what we're doing; only by coming together can we decide how we move forward as a community.


Mike Espinoza
Political & Community Outreach Coordinator
Houston Justice for Janitors Campaign
Service Employees International Union
Office: (713) 296-1614
Fax: (713) 514-0008
Cell: (832) 331-0870