Monday, September 17, 2007

The Iraq Moratorium, Beginning Everywhere on Friday, September 21

This coming Friday, September 21st will mark the first observance of a monthly day of action called the Iraq Moratorium, with activities occurring in communities, neighborhoods, cities and towns across the country. Protests will be held across the country on the third Friday of every month, from now until the war in Iraq is ended.

These protests can take the form of:
There are a number of upcoming events and activities that will be taking place across the country over the next month or two focusing local attention on the war in Iraq and the urgent need to bring it to an end. One of these is the Iraq Moratorium.

individuals wearing armbands or buttons that day as they go about their daily activities; or a group of people choosing not to buy anything other than necessities that day; or demonstrations in front of or inside Congressional offices; or a group of people choosing to stay home from work that day and devote the day to activities aimed at ending the war; or any number of other activities.

Whatever form the Iraq Moratorium takes, the point is the same: no more "business as usual" while an unjust and unjustifiable war continues to take the lives of our troops and Iraqi children, women and men. People who object to the war will be able to do more than go to periodic national demonstrations - the demonstrations will be brought home to communities across the country, allowing more and more people to become involved in actively opposing the war.

Individuals, groups and organizations are planning ways of observing this day of action. MFSO has endorsed the Iraq Moratorium, and we encourage all MFSO members to find ways to participate and bring our special voice as military families who can attest to the personal impacts of this war. MFSO Chapters in your area may be participating already, or may be interested in working together to take part. For more information about MFSO chapters and activities write to us at or go here for the list of chapters.

To view some of the coordinated Iraq Moratorium events occurring around the country or to view some of the ways to participate in the Iraq Moratorium even if there is not a group effort in your area, click here. MFSO members can add to and strengthen this campaign on the third Friday of every month by wearing MFSO t-shirts (to purchase MFSO materials go here), bringing photos of our loved ones to events and demonstrations, and bringing the message that funding the war is killing our troops! Fully fund a safe and orderly withdrawal, and the care our troops need when they come home.

In Peace and Solidarity,
Nancy Lessin and Charley Richardson
Co-Founders, Military Families Speak Out